Artificial Intelligence for Business Development and Lead Generation Teams

The all-in-one solution that allows you to quickly identify and easily target new business opportunities.

Discover New Prospects

Create searches to find companies and decision makers from around the world. Run the searches yourself or let Adenzo’s AI do it for you. We’ve crawled over 500 million websites to identify 25 million companies that are refreshed every 30 days. You can search by industry, size, keywords, job titles, functions and more. Click here to learn more about our data.

Enriched Data – Including Email Addresses

Warming up prospects with introductory emails can drastically improve conversion rates. Adenzo aggregates hundreds of data sources to bring you enriched contact data – including email addresses. Our focus on quality ensures a bounce rate of less than 7%.

AI For Account Based Marketing

Use Adenzo’s Industry and Company Research Tools to dig deep into your markets and the companies within them. Use the Function Organiser to visualise company structure and plan your best approach. You can even use the AI to reverse engineer your existing customer base. Click here to read more.

Ongoing Searches For Your Ideal Customers

Once Adenzo’s AI knows about your existing customers, it will start searching for more. Companies and people come and go. Because of this, any database or list is out of date the moment it’s created. Our AI begins each search from scratch, re-validating the company and people data before telling you about it. And once you know, the AI will consonantly refresh your lists to make sure they remain up to date.

Turn More Prospects Into Customers

Create Multi Touch Contact Campaigns

To be successful at business development, you need gentle persistence. Use a combination of sequenced email, phone calls, letters – whatever – to turn Prospects into qualified Leads. Split test email templates and call scripts to improve performance.

Email Templates

Create mail merge email templates to save time and get the right message across.

Call Scripts

Create call scripts for your sales development reps. Keep everyone on the same page.

Emails Sent From You. Personally.

Send one to one emails from your own email server and not a mass mailing system like Mailchimp. This ensures emails are delivered personally, not flagged as spam and 5 times more likely to be read. Track each time an email is opened or a link is clicked. Score your contacts by their activity and focus your time on those that are receptive.

Call Contacts at the Click of a Button.

Use the Adenzo Dialler to call your contacts from your web browser. No need to key in a number on your desk phone, just click the call icon and away you go. Calls can be recorded and played back for future reference. Another way we’ve made business development a breeze.

Create Almost Any Workflow Using Views, Lists and Stages

Adenzo is a Sandbox. By combining Views, Lists and Stages, you can create almost any workflow imaginable.
It’s just what high performance sales and business development professionals have been waiting for.

Multiple Data Sources. Including Humans!

Good quality data is essential for any business development activity. Adenzo obtains company and contact information from many sources. However, in its raw form, this data is unstructured and unverified. Before using it, the Adenzo AI performs a number of validation routines.

Web Crawls: Most of our company data is curated from web crawls. Much like Google, our spiders crawl and index websites as they are discovered. We have crawled over 500 million websites and continue to do so at a rate of over 10,000 a minute. When a new website is found, natural language processing bots read and categorise it. Before being accepted into the main company database, a human validates the site and the category it’s listed as. The company database currently holds over 25 million validated ‘businesses’ around the world.

Crowdsourcing: Contact data is found in a number of ways. If you’re searching for a contact at a specific company (and we don’t already know about them) we offer this up as a bounty to our army of crowdsourcers to find. The bounty is only paid if the contact is validated.

Data Partners: Good quality data is hard to find, so we’re very selective in our use of external partners. Some of our clients use Adenzo as a source to validate their own huge datasets. This exchange of knowledge helps us to build and maintain one of the largest and most accurate contact database on the web.

500 Million Websites

Adenzo's AI commands hundreds of thousands of bots that crawl the web searching for potential company information

25 Million+ Companies

Once a company has been identified, our Natural Language bots start to read and categorise the company to include keywords, concepts and taxonomies.  

300 Million+ Contacts

Every day, people move from job to job. The Adenzo AI ensures contacts have been validated within 30 days before presenting them to you.

Take Adenzo AI For A Supervised Test Drive

The Adenzo AI is a powerful addition to the Adenzo toolkit. You may be interested in seeing in action before taking the plunge. If so, please let us know your name and email and we’ll will be in touch to arrange a preview.

Reverse Engineer Your Existing Customer Base

It all starts with a list. Upload your existing customer base into Adenzo. It can be one customer or thousands. The AI will then start learning all it can about those companies and the people within them.

Go beyond standard industry classifications and categories. Using Natural Language Processing, the AI understands text on a website or a profile page. This gives you an unprecedented insight into who your customers are, what they do and what they have in common.

If you don’t have any customers yet, that’s not a problem. Using the AI’s advanced search features, you can tell it the types of companies you want to be dealing with and it will create search profiles to act on.

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