The quickest way to kill the effectiveness of an outbound sales process is to be sporadic.

Here’s a common mistake we see at Adenzo and one of the first bits of re-educating we have to do:

Sales Exec jumps into lead research and pulls out 300 prospects email addresses. Woohoo! He then hacks together an email and sends it out to all 300. It was either a genius piece of writing and he’s swamped with responses that he can’t reply to effectively or (more likely for the first email) hardly anything comes back and despondency sets in.

As we’ve said before, persistence is key to outbound success. Ideally, you need to set up a prospecting process with 5 to 7 stages – including an element of calling.


email and call stages

Example of an Email and Phone Prospecting Campaign Workflow


If you’re reaching out to targeted and relevant prospects, your response rate should be reasonable and your pipeline should start to fill nicely providing you’re consistent.

You need to aim to add the same number of prospects to the pipeline every day. Generally, for new campaigns that have a calling stage, aim for around 50 new prospects a day or 75 for email only campaigns. Using Adenzo, it takes around 60 – 90 minutes to properly research 50 – 75 prospects. If you don’t have the time or aptitude to do this every day, find someone who has to help you. Lianoforgede This ensures the following:

1 – You’re learning and getting feedback incrementally. What messages work, what don’t. Do you need to refine email templates and call scripts? What are the open, read and click-through rates? Refine early, refine often. Easy to do with just 50 new prospects a day. A real downer if you’ve just sent out 500 emails that contain a broken web link.

2 – You have time to follow up properly and make calls to high scoring prospects. As a rule of thumb, it takes an hour to research 50 new prospects, an hour to process all the pending email stages and 2 – 3 hours to work down a call list of high scoring prospects. So done properly, that’s 5 hours a day taken up just by adding 50 new prospects a day. And that’s before handling the responses…

As your process matures and the pipeline fills, you may find you need to reduce the number of new prospects in order to keep up (or better still, start expanding the sales team!) but don’t stop.¬†You need to keep the pipeline filling up even if it’s just with 20 new prospects a day otherwise leads will dry up and depending on thelength of your sales cycle, it could take a while to fill the CRM with ‘closed – won’ records again.

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