Using Adenzo, it’s possible to run an outbound sales process without cold calling and deliver a respectable ROI. However, adding a phone call stage (or two) can really leverage those results.

13typxMost people don’t like ‘Cold Calling’ and rightly so. Nobody wants to be that annoying guy or gal interrupting people’s day to try and sell them something they don’t think they need. But done intelligently, to targeted and relevant prospects, cold calling is neither of those things.

A couple of best practices to make this a success:

1 – Warm up by email first. Before you make the call, send an email  and give the person a couple of days to respond.

2 – Start by calling high scoring prospects. When sending emails from Adenzo you’ll see a score for each contact based on if they opened the email, clicked on a link and how many pages they viewed on your website. Order your calling schedule to start with higher scoring prospects first.

3 – The first call is qualification – not pitch. The intention should be to arrange a more in-depth call at another time. As with the prospecting emails, you want to find out if the contact is interested and qualified – no more. Sure, you may get some people happy to talk for an hour so be prepared for this. But in the main, most people won’t want to talk for long on the first call. So qualify early and arrange the follow-up call.

4 – Refer to the email in your first line.

“Hi James, it’s Jim calling from ProRac Solutions. I sent you an email a couple of days ago about our point of sale support package and I wondered if you had a chance to give it any consideration?”

Oh, and if you regularly find yourself up against gate keepers, telling them you’re following up on a recent email usually works well too.

By calling high scoring prospects, you’ll know they’ve opened and read the email and what pages they’ve viewed on your website. So you shouldn’t get many “No idea what you’re talking about” responses. More likely you’ll get a variation of “Ah yes, I had a quick look at your site and [I’m interested / not interested / not right now etc]”.

So whether you’ve never made a cold call before or you’re an old school 120 dials a day guy, give this intelligent method a try. Adenzo makes this easy to do but if you ned any further guidance, don’t hesitate to drop our support team a message.


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