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Everything you need to know about getting the most from Adenzo and Outbound Sales Success

Specialisation Is Key To Success

If your organisation is about to start using Adenzo, it is really important to get the foundations right from the start. Whilst every business is different, here are our recommended guidelines. Generally, to be successful you need to have: 1 – Someone dedicated... read more

Use Groups To Segment Your Data

Adenzo gives you the ability to organise and manage your contact data by using Lists and Views. By using the Groups feature, you can add a further dimension to give you greater flexibility and segmenting options. What Are Groups? Groups can also be thought of as Tags.... read more

Introducing ‘Views’

Lists are a great way to organise your data. When you first start using Adenzo, we give you a stack of default Lists that help you with contact research and sending email Stages. However, Lists have some limitations and if you’re working within a team and your... read more

How To Search For People In A Specific Company

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can search for people in a specific company. Once you add a company to Adenzo, you’ll see a button in the Contacts Linked panel called ‘Search’. Click this and a window will appear like the one... read more

The Best Prospecting Emails

Most prospecting campaigns begin with an email. It’s helpful to think of that first contact as if you’re meeting in person. You wouldn’t say ‘Hi’ and then talk for 5 minutes about yourself. Yet so many introductory emails do just that.... read more

Why 50 Is The Magic Number

The quickest way to kill the effectiveness of an outbound sales process is to be sporadic. Here’s a common mistake we see at Adenzo and one of the first bits of re-educating we have to do: Sales Exec jumps into lead research and pulls out 300 prospects email... read more
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