When using the google Chrome Extension to research prospect data, you’ll likely end up going through many pages of Google search results. Inevitably, at some point, Google will present you with a screen similar to the one below:

google captcha

This may look sinister but don’t worry. It’s a perfectly normal response when using Google in this manner. Here’s why.

Google is an amazing search engine and 95% of users enter a search term and find what they’re looking for on the first page of results. Very rarely do they move to the second page or third and why the heck would they want to be on the 5th?

Once you start moving beyond the first page of results, Google starts to worry you’re not a human. There are automated bots out there that trawl the web for data and Google is often seen as a shortcut for them. And obviously, Google don’t want that going on.

To prevent this, Google puts in place the captcha which (as yet) no automated bot has been able to figure out. If you are a human, you’ll be able to enter the captcha text and thereby confirm your biological form and carry on. But don’t be surprised if Google shows the captcha again after a few more pages. It’s perfectly normal.

Will Google Ban Me?

Google isn’t consistent when it comes to showing captcha messages. We have seen instances of the message appearing on every page for one user for a day and others who have gone through scores of pages without seeing it once.

To our knowledge, Google has never banned anyone if they enter the captcha text. And don’t forget, we haven’t pioneered this method of research – savvy sales guys have been ‘x-ray’ searches for eons and there’s a ton of stuff on the web about this. So far, nobody’s had the men in black come knocking and it’s extremely likely anyone will as they’re always able to prove they’re human by completing the captcha test.

Important Information If You’re On A Large Company Network

Again, it’s not always clear who Google chose to show the Captcha message to. Sometimes it’s just browser based, but other times, it can be to any computer from an IP address. So if you’re sat in an office with 500 colleagues and you’re beavering away at lead research, Dorris in accounts could start seeing captcha messages when using Google. This could happen for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours after the first captcha message is triggered. Not cool.

To prevent this, we suggest using a ‘Proxy IP’ or ‘VPN’ when doing lead research if you’re on a network with a lot of other people. That way, if Google show¬†a captcha by IP address, it will only hit your computer and nobody else’s. Please contact our support team if you’re interested in using one of our VPN’s for this purpose.


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