In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can search for people in a specific company.

Once you add a company to Adenzo, you’ll see a button in the Contacts Linked panel called ‘Search’. Click this and a window will appear like the one below:

search contacts

Search Via LinkedIn

If you added the company via LinkedIn then it’s possible to search the platform for people who work there. This only works if:

  • The company has a LinkedIn page e.g.
  • You have saved the LinkedIn page URL to the company record.

If you added the company to Adenzo directly from within LinkedIn then this information will already be there and the ‘Search Via LinkedIn’ button will be visible. Simply type in the Job Title of the person you’re trying to find and the results will show in LinkedIn. Or you can leave the field blank to search for all people within the company and pick from the resulting list:

ibm results list

Not all companies have LinkedIn pages and so if they don’t, you can opt to ‘Search Via Google’

Search Via Google

The LinkedIn search method will tend to yield the best results. But if the company in question doesn’t have a LinkedIn page or you want to stay off LinkedIn you can search via Google.

When clicking the Search Via Google button, a new tab will open with the results listed like in the example below:

google results

Remember, Google searches are less scientific than LinkedIn so you may see results from people who used to work at the company in question as well as those that still do. So before pushing the contacts to Adenzo, check the line in grey just under the URL link (in green) to be sure they are relevant.

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