One of the things that make Adenzo powerful is the army of bots working in the background. These bots are controlled by you – the human. When you add a contact or send an email they go off and do their thing. Think of them as Minions – just more obedient (most of the time….).

Whilst these bots are excellent at doing their specific tasks, they’re quite rubbish at doing anything else. That is why they need you, the human, to keep them on the straight and narrow. But this takes up your time and some considerable effort. You need to tell them the types of contacts and companies to search for. You need to clear up after them (red names anyone?). You then need to tell them what emails to send to what people and move the contacts through the stages. And so, fellow human, do you really want to be doing that every day?

Over the past 18 months, our users have been incredibly busy. They’ve used our tools to find millions of companies and contacts and send over 10 million one-to-one emails. That’s a lot of data and collective experience. And thanks to recent advancements in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing we’re able to use this data to ‘train’ a new breed of bot. A bot that’s able to think slightly out-of-the-box. A super-bot. A true Artificial Intelligence.

What can this AI do?

It can reverse engineer your existing customer base. Tell it who your customers are (by exporting and uploading your CRM data) and it will find commonalities between them. Using its extensive dataset of over 25 million companies and data from over 1 billion crawled websites, it goes beyond simple industry classifications to build a picture of your customer base and the key decision makers within it.

It can find you companies and key decision makers. If you don’t want the AI to go through your existing customer records (understandably for some of our users) you can tell it the types of companies and decision makers you want to find. It will then start to search and curate its findings for you. No more sifting through lists of incomplete data.  If you have asked the AI to reverse engineer your existing customer base, there’s no need to tell it anything else. This step will be done automatically.

It can start warming up your prospects with emails and process the replies. Once it finds your key decision makers, it can start sending them emails. Using our vast historical library and powerful natural language processing systems, it’s able to read and understand the responses to these emails and act accordingly. A possible lead? It will let you know. Been referred to someone else? A new contact will automatically be created and email sent. Not interested? The contact will be removed from the prospecting workflow.

Understandably, some people are wary of AI’s. It’s new technology, what if it goes wrong? Especially when it comes to sending and reply to emails. One could see some nightmare scenarios’s coming from that.

Currently, Adenzo AI is under ‘supervised learning’. Which means it doesn’t do anything, without first being given the green light by a human. Furthermore, Adenzo AI is a modular optional feature. So if you just want it to do the lead research and not get involved in email sending, that’s fine.

If you’re interested in taking the AI for a spin, please enter your name and email into the form below. We’re currently limiting the number of accounts that can use the AI, so if you’re keen to get involved, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.

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