If your organisation is about to start using Adenzo, it is really important to get the foundations right from the start. Whilst every business is different, here are our recommended guidelines.

Generally, to be successful you need to have:

1 – Someone dedicated to contact research. It takes a certain type of person who enjoys trawling through Google, LinkedIn and elsewhere on the web to pull out potential targets day after day. And that sort of person generally isn’t the sort of person who enjoys picking up the phone and making cold calls (there are exceptions). So lead research should be an activity all on its own. And it doesn’t need to be done by a full time person either if budgets are constrained. Using Adenzo, 2 – 3 hours a day will get you 750 – 1,000 good quality contacts a week. More than enough for most teams.

2 – Someone dedicated to sending prospecting emails (and we think it should be the same person doing the contact research). Why? Because asking a sales or pre-sales rep to send out 50 – 100 emails a day, every day, with follow-up chasers is a struggle. Even when using automated systems like Adenzo, it can be tedious. And unless it is done daily, without fail, the pipeline quickly runs dry. As we have already established, our contact researcher isn’t necessarily going to be a good lead generator so we need to cut her involvement off at the point a prospect replies. At Adenzo, we have the contact researchers sending emails on behalf of the lead gen team and they also clear up the inboxes (bounces, not interested, remove me from your list – those types of responses). It works really well but if the lead researcher is also adept at dealing with inbound email enquiries, there is no reason why the prospecting emails can’t come from them.

3 – Someone dedicated to outbound cold calling high scoring leads. As you may know, calling through a cold list can be a bit like pulling teeth. However, calling a high scoring prospect is generally a very productive way to spend time. Generally, with 500 – 1,000 new prospects a week and only calling high scoring leads, this is more than enough to keep 2 – 4 lead gen guys busy and productive.

4 – Sales Reps. If you get all the above right, your sales reps will be blessed with many high quality leads to follow through and close.

Specialisation Enables You To Identify Bottlenecks & Scale Accordingly

Many businesses make the mistake of having the sales reps doing all the above. Doing the lead research, sending warming up emails, making cold calls and then closing the deals. Almost certainly, at some point, those reps will hit a wall. For instance, not enough or too many leads or maybe too many or too few deals to close.

And with many reps, they are likely to hit different walls at different times. And this is a very hard team to manage and almost impossible to scale effectively.

Yet with each step of the process being handled by different specialists, its easy to identify the bottlenecks and know where to increase or decrease resources. For instance, if you have too many prospects and not enough leads, you know you need to back down on lead research and ramp up sending emails or making outbound calls. If you’re booking up loads of appointments and your sales reps are struggling to keep up (great news!) you know its time to bring in more sales reps.

Look Internally Before Hiring 

If you get the Lead Research role right – the rest will fall into place. Imagine you had someone finding and emailing 500 new targeted and relevant prospects a week. If the rest of your sales team were just mediocre, on these numbers, you will get results. Using Adenzo, a lead researcher can hit these numbers working just a couple of hours a day.

Your ideal lead researcher will have the following traits:

  • Organised and Tidy (“No messy CRM records for me thank you”)
  • Process Driven (“Just tell me how to do it and it will be done”)
  • Focused and Task Oriented (“I’m not leaving here till I’ve hit my daily prospect numbers!”)

In many organisations, these traits can be found within an admin team. So before hiring, look elsewhere internally for someone who might be a good fit. If they have other duties, some form of process relate bonus can also work well to ensure your lead researcher remains engaged..

If you don’t have someone suitable internally to do this, then there are plenty or freelancing websites where you’ll find people that can do it for you. Alternatively, we have a number of research partners who can assist with this.

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