When talking to startups, we often hear the objection “We’re a startup so don’t have the budget for anything right now“.

Yup, we hear you. A startup without funding is a tough thing to get off the ground and certainly, every penny counts.

But think about it. If you are a startup in pre-traction stage, here is what you’ll do in 30 days using Adenzo:

1 – You’ll be able to research some of the key prospects in your target market. That’s the contact details and email address of thousands of people.

2 – You’ll be able to craft a series of reach out emails to those people in an attempt to gauge interest and book some interviews. You’ll be able to see who has read and clicked the link to your site, and maybe even pick up the phone to them.

3 – You’ll be able to use the included CRM to start building a database of leads that you can sell to when you are ready to launch.

If you are a startup, that’s a damn good use of time and relatively little money.

If you’re a stage further and ready to start selling you are going to need some form of marketing budget. A lot of folks will advise you need to be doing a ton of inbound / content marketing. They are right, in a sense, but from day 1 launch, what’s the quickest and most cost effective way of getting new leads? Hint: It isn’t Inbound and funnily enough, it’s what HubSpot (Leader in Inbound Marketing Software) had to do a lot of in the early days.


Yup. Good old-fashioned outbound sales (but with a modern twist).

We’ve had conversations with founders who hesitate at the price of a 1 month Adenzo Licence and yet in the next breath tell me how their £1,000 / month Adwords campaign isn’t bringing in any leads.

13tymmGet up a single page WordPress site and create a couple of landing pages. Then, using Adenzo, research the contact details of your ideal customers and send them some emails asking for a chat. You’ll easily be reaching out to 1,000 highly targeted and relevant prospects. Think about it, how much value is in that?

So if you’re a startup in the b2b space, a tool like Adenzo should be a necessity and not something to look at ‘when you have the budget’.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please drop me an email outlining your product/service and what stage you’re at (andre@adenzo.com) and I’ll be happy to advise if and how Adenzo can help you move forward.

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