Within your prospecting workflow, it’s inevitable that you’re going to uncover a new prospect that works for a company that you (or your colleagues) are already dealing with as a lead or are an existing customer.

Adenzo makes it easy to identify these companies by using colour highlighting of company types.

So imagine Jim is already dealing with ACME Inc and so has set them as a Sales Qualified Lead (highlighted as green). During your lead research, you import 50 prospects and one of them just so happens to also work for ACME Inc.

Now, at a glance, you can immediately see that your new prospect works for a company we have already defined as a Lead and so you can quickly move this new contact away so you don’t make the embarrassing mistake of prospecting a company your organisation is already in the final stages of closing!


company types

Easily identify contacts that work for companies you’re already talking to


color changing
To set up Company Types, go to CRM -> Settings -> Company Types and set the desired colour for the type. You can add, remove and reorder company types as well. Happy Prospecting!


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