Adenzo gives you the ability to organise and manage your contact data by using Lists and Views. By using the Groups feature, you can add a further dimension to give you greater flexibility and segmenting options.

What Are Groups?

Groups can also be thought of as Tags. Let’s suppose a scenario where you have a number of different product types that only some of your prospects and leads are suitable for. For each product type, we’ll create a new Group. We’ll be imaginative and call them Group A, Group B and Group C.

We can now go into each Contact record and assign them to the relevant Group.

groups animation

Groups can also be assigned to Company and Opportunity records for even greater flexibility and control.

Now that we have our Contacts assigned to their relevant Groups, we can create some Views to view only contacts in a certain Group.

Creating and managing Groups is easy. Simply go to CRM -> Settings and then click on the Groups tab. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at or message within the app if you have any questions on this feature.


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