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Join The Worldwide Adenzo Partner Network

 Our aim is to be represented in every market sector in every major city in the world. Adenzo is the ultimate B2B Marketing and Sales platform, and so if you're in this space, come and join us

Sales & Marketing

Learn how the Adenzo Partner Program supports you with your Sales and Marketing activities


Your Personalised Partner Portal contains a plethora of resources to help you pitch Adenzo 


Communication is the foundation of all successful relationships. Learn about ours.


Learn about the different Partner Levels and which is best for you.


Sales & Marketing

We want you to be successful with your business in general, as well as reselling the Adenzo Platform. To achieve this, we support you with a number of programs that get you up and running fast, along with ongoing support to keep the momentum going.

Sales & Marketing

Partner Only Licence

As an Adenzo Partner, you are given an exclusive Partner Only Licence. This gives you access to the full features of Adenzo to help you grow and manage your client base. 

The Partner Only Licence is free for the first 3 months and remains free providing you achieve a minimum income level.

Kickstarter Package

The Kickstart Package is designed to quickly get you up to a reasonable level of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

Earn up to 75% revenue share on your first deals.

Pre Qualified Leads

As a Gold or Platinum Partner, you will automatically receive qualified leads prioritised by your region, industry specialisation and program level.


You are immediately notified by email when a new lead comes in and can opt out of receiving new leads at any time


Your personalised Partner Portal comes jammed pack with resources to help you understand and leverage the B2B Marketing Technology space. Armed with this knowledge you can confidently pitch Adenzo and your value-added services  as the ultimate B2B Marketing and Sales Solution


Marketing Tools

We provide you with email templates, call scripts, proposal templates, product description plus a whole host of other tools to get you started quickly and easily. 


And don't forget you have access to the ultimate B2B marketing tool: The Adenzo Platform, via your exclusive (and free!) Partner Only Licence 

Brand Leverage

Use the Adenzo brand to leverage your value-added services. Your personalised Partner Portal gives you access to our Brand Guide and graphics along with guidance on co-branding. 

Market Information

Through the Partner Portal, we share with you our regularly updated analysis on the B2B Marketing and Sales technology landscape. 


We also provide analysis of our competitors in case you come up against them. You can also request the analysis of a competitor we don't cover at any time


As with any successful relationship, communication is key.  Through the personalised Partner Portal, you have access to the latest product and sales training along with our growing certification program. We offer various ways to connect with us and the wider partner and professional network and community.


Product & Sales Training

We provide detailed product and sales training to help you and your clients get the most from the platform. Adenzo can be used in many different ways and we aim to give you detailed knowledge on how to use the platform for each use case along with detailed best practices  






The Partner Forum gives you access to the Adenzo Partner Team, other members of the Partner Community as well as the Adenzo Professional Network. 


The forum is the best resource to connect and collaborate with like-minded people across the globe.

Priority Support

All of our Authorised, Gold and Platinum Partners receive priority support via email and the forums.


Platinum Partners also have access to phone technical support and higher level deal support when dealing with RFP's/RFQ's. 


The Adenzo Partner Program consists of four levels with differing requirements and percentage revenue shares. These levels allow Partners and Independent Professionals to get involved  and aligned with Adenzo in different ways 




The Affiliate Scheme allows you to generate and pass us leads in return for a fixed commission. Ideal for Content Creators.



Authorised Resellers have limited access to the Personalised Portal and the Adenzo Partner Licence along with a basic revenue share scheme. Ideal for independent B2B professionals. 



Gold Partners have access to all the Partner Portal resources and the full Adenzo Partner Licence along with higher revenue share and volume bonuses. Ideal for B2B consultants and small agencies.



Platinum Partners are closely aligned with the Adenzo platform and business model. You must have first achieved success as a Gold Partner before ramping up to Platinum status. Platinum Partners are required to achieve minimum revenue targets.

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