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Turn Your EMPLOYER into a CLIENT

Are you a B2B Business Development, Sales or Marketing Professional?


Have you considered branching out on your own but don't know where to start or how to replace your existing salary?


Yes? Oh my... then you need to read on!

Taking the plunge is a lot easier than you think (and you may be at a career disadvantage if you don't)


It's no secret that the days of job security are gone. Whilst there is the current hyped trend towards policies of 'No Redundancies' that doesn't extend to 'No Bankrupcies'. With 50% of businesses failing in the first 5 years and 70% in the first 10 years, you are far more likely to find yourself out of work because of business failure than thriving because of its success. 


And this is truer in the world of B2B Business Development, Sales and Marketing than most other job functions.


If you're reading this then you'll likely be aware of the dangers. And you're not alone. All the stats point towards a rising trend of Freelancing, Self-Employment, Consulting and Permalancing as the way Millenials are combating the problems of job insecurity, flat income levels and poor work-life balance. 


Sounds good, but getting started on your own can be a real problem. 


The most immediate problem is income. How do you replace a steady (albeit low) salary with income from your own startup?


A lot of this has to do with circumstance. If you're the sole breadwinner with a wife/husband, 3 kids and a mortgage, it's a lot harder to do than if you're single and able to get free/cheap accommodation from friends or family for a couple of months.


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The Adenzo Partner Program provides you with a blueprint and framework to quickly get up and running on your own.  





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