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The Ultimate B2B Sales And Marketing Platform

Lead Generation, Business Development, Sales  and Account Based Marketing, all covered in one  leading technology platform

One Platform For Everything

We believe that the acquisition of a B2B customer has become unnecessarily complicated. There are too many tools that make up the modern sales and marketing stack. And they don't always play nicely together. Your marketing and sales functions should be on the same page. Looking at the same metrics. Collaborating on the same accounts. Pushing in the same direction. 


We built Adenzo with collaborative functionality in mind. By doing this, we give you all the tools you need to identify, nurture and close accounts in the simplest and most effective way.

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B2B Lead Generation 

Find contacts from around the web and then discover email and phone details. Adenzo also connects to your email servers and provides an outbound call system. Using email and call workflows, you can then reach out to these contacts and convert them to leads. Leads are scored based on their engagement with emails and visits to your website. This ensures you and your team spend time nurturing those leads that are more likely to convert. Efficiency tools like email templates, call scripts, blacklisting, GDPR compliance etc help you leverage your time more effectively.

Discover New Prospects

Create searches on professional networks to find companies and decision makers from around the world. You can search by industry, company size, geographical location, keywords, job titles, job functions and more.

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Advanced Email Discovery

Use our advanced email discovery tool to find the email addresses of your target decision makers. We have a higher match rate than competing email discovery tools on the market. Our customers often see open rates greater than 40% and click rates in excess of 8%.

Send Personalised Tracked Emails

In Adenzo, you can send GDPR compliant one-to-one or batch emails from your own email server. Sending emails via your own service provider ensures they are delivered personally, not flagged as spam and five times more likely to be read. You can track each time an email is opened or a link is clicked and your contacts are automatically scored by their activity. This enables you to focus on the prospects that are most receptive.

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GDPR Compliance

Adenzo enables you to stay GDPR compliant by allowing you to create simple but effective Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIA). An LIA allows you to specify the job functions that can receive any direct communication from your Adenzo account. Furthermore, any emails sent via Adenzo have a GDPR Compliance statement at the end of every message. This gives you the peace of mind that you are always working within the GDPR framework.

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Account Based Marketing

Adenzo enables you to find and profile target companies and then find the key decision makers and influencers within them, along with their contact details. This gives you the perfectly curated starting point for ABM campaigns. Adenzo connects to your email servers and provides an outbound call system. It also includes tools to provide engagement scores through email and individual contact activity on your website, email templates, call scripts, blacklisting etc. With these tools combined, Adenzo enables you to create and effectively deliver world-class playbooks.

Discover Target Accounts

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ABM Strategies start with the identification of target accounts. Use Adenzo's powerful search tool to find companies on the web or you can import from sources such as Sales Navigator. Alternatively, embark on a lead generation campaign to identify the target accounts that are most likely to close.

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Find Decision Makers and Influencers

Once you have identified your target accounts, use Adenzo's People Search feature to find Decision Makers and Influencers, along with their email, phone, social and professional network profiles. 

Visualise The Account Structure

Using the Function Organiser, you can quickly and easily map out the decision makers and influencers in your target accounts. This allows you to visualise the decision-making structure so you can effectively communicate with the right people. By using this level of strategy you increase the likelihood of a target account becoming a customer.

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Plan & Execute World Class Playbooks

Now that you have discovered your target accounts and found the key decision maker and influencers, it's time to execute the strategy to close them. Playbooks can be simple or complicated, involving just a few steps or scores of them. Adenzo's flexible approach to creating Playbooks keeps your marketing and sales teams nimble and on point.

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Our Customers

Our customers come in all different shapes and sizes and each uses Adenzo in their own unique way. That's the beauty of a sandbox platform that grows with you and adapts to your ever-changing priorities and strategies.

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1142 Sutter St, San Francisco
CA 94109
USA: +1 (415) 376 0881

14 Gray's Inn Road, London
UK & EU: +44 (0) 207 135 2036

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